(SOLD)Does a spontaneous trek through the woods to do some camping sound appealing? The off-road-ready 2016 Subaru Crosstrek could be for you. This SUV is the best of all the worlds, great fuel economy on the highway, smooth commuter around town, and is more than the typical crossover for heading into the wilderness.

I want to start by saying how impressed I am in Subaru as a whole. There aren't a lot of manufacturers that can say that almost all their line of vehicles start under $35,000.00 brand new. Or that the majority of their line of vehicles get over 30 mpg hwy (many in the mid 30's) and did I add the entire line comes standard AWD?

Now with that being said, I have stated in many articles in the past, that I try and drive every vehicle to familiarize myself with them and make sure there aren't any surprises for the guest after they buy it. And while looking over the lot today, to see what vehicle I take should take home tonight, again (like I have numerous times over the past decades) I skipped right over the Subaru in the line-up. I was eyeing up the 2015 Audi Q7, but needed to move the 2016 Subaru Crosstek in order to get it out. As I grabbed the keys for the Subaru, I hesitated and asked myself, why not just take this? Is it because it's not sporty enough? Do I really have a thing against the wagon look? The only thing I truly do know, is that I made it a point to drive EVERY vehicle and give my driving experience in an article.

As I was ready to head home for the night, I walked outside, locked the door, and went to unlock the 2016 Subaru Crosstreck. As I looked at the key fob in my hand I noticed it was very much like BMW. Both makes have a lock button on top, their logo below (which is the unlock) and then this model also has the rear hatch and panic button.

I opened the rear driver side door to place my lap top bag on the back seat and was surprised by the amount of room in this compact SUV. As I climbed into the driver seat I was pleasantly surprised to see the amount of room in the drivers compartment. I was expecting to be cramped or at least a little uncomfortable. But much to my surprise, even after moving the seat forward, there was plenty of room. I set my coffee cup in the large cup holders to my right, and started to make the Crosstrek my own. I adjusted the seat, the rear view mirror, and the side mirrors. Everything was easily accessible and right at my fingertips. While sitting in the vehicle I started to notice a couple extra bonus features on this Limited model, like Weather Tech floor mats, rain guards on the windows, and a nice roof rack. These features nicely complimented the power locks/ window/ mirrors, Air, Cruise, Tilt, sporty honeycomb looking two tone wheels, and Sunroof this vehicle also came equipped with.

I placed my foot on the brake, put the key in the second cup holder, and pushed the start button. As I dropped the vehicle into drive and started to pull out of the driveway onto South Blvd., I noticed that this 2.0L 4 cyl had a little pep to its step. Now don't get me wrong, it's not going to win races or leave black marks on a constant basis, but that's not what this vehicle was designed for. Subaru did a good job of matching a 2.0L 4 cyl with enough pep to nicely take off from a stop sign, and easily merge from an off ramp onto a highway with a CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission) transmission to make sure to offer the best fuel economy for an SUV.

While driving from work to home on the highway, I moved my right thumb slightly to the left on the steering wheel to easily activate the cruise control. I like having it set into the steering wheel with easy access to reach, and see, so as not to have to search and take my eyes off the road. I also noticed on the left hand side were the controls for the radio and vehicle info center on the dash between the tac and speedometer. I looked up and noticed the large sunroof that was above the driver and passenger in the front seat, I can't wait for this Wisconsin March weather to finally warm up so I could enjoy it.

This 2016 Subaru Crosstrek drove out nicely. It was a smooth ride, comfortable, enough cabin room, performance was there to do the job, and I was surprised by how quite the CVT transmission was compared to ones I've driven in the past. When backing up the large screen turned into a well lit back up camera, and I noticed a ton of other great safety features through out the vehicle like air bags.

The next morning at I walked out of my house, headed down the sidewalk, I looked up and saw the 2016 Subaru Crosstrek sitting there alone in my driveway. For the First time I really noticed the aggressive looking stance, nice body lines, and rounder aero dynamic body that this compact SUV has. When parked next to other vehicles on the lot, you really don't get a chance to take it all in. Then marry in the sharp sporty wheels and the luggage rack and that helps to take the aggressive stance to a tough look.

All-in-all I have to say I was quite satisfied with the driving experience I had with this 2016 Subaru Crosstreck Limited 2.0I AWD. The only feature I wasn't able to check out (and honestly I'm not disappointed I couldn't) was the AWD system. So I will have to take Subaru's word that they have one of the best ALL WHEEL DRIVE system's on the market.

If you'd like to schedule a test drive, call to verify its still available and at what location. At the time I am writing this it is located at Oliver Motors 315 South Blvd Baraboo Wi.

608-355-9440--Oliver Motors Baraboo

608-318-6100--Oliver Motors Sun Prairie