(SOLD)The BMW 5 Series offers a delightful balance of comfort and performance. There is definitely something to be said about not only the 528i X Drive that I had the pleasure of driving, but the BMW line as a whole.

BMW has been noted as one of the highline foreign manufacturers in the United States for decades. Their line up has been a romantic, sporty must have vehicle in the eyes of many. Over the past decades, I've been lucky enough to drive many different year, make and models of BMW. The biggest thing I love about the brand, is regardless if its a 3 series, 5 series or any other model in the arsenal of BMW Line up, they all have that sports car handling and luxury car feel. And this gorgeous 2014 528i X Drive is no different.

We like to drive the vehicles we get in for a couple different reasons, one is to familiarize ourselves with the vehicles. Another, and more importantly, is so we can go through all the options and make sure that even though it's been put through the inspection, everything is working properly. I took the BMW 5 series one night last week for just those reasons. As I sat down behind the wheel to leave, it was a little bit of a drop into the seat (that form around you like a sports car seat), not much, but enough to give you the feel of getting into a sports car. As I drove out of the parking lot, and entered the round a bout in front of the dealership, I noticed it was lowered just enough to give this 5 Series a great stance for perfect handling into the corner. As I was driving down the road I noticed that everything you needed to make your drive enjoyable, was at the drivers fingertips. What really surprised me however, was that with the little lower stance, and responsive suspension, as I was driving down the interstate I didn't hear road noise and feel a lot of bumps.

The next morning it was time to head back to work. I'm driving this 5 Series in Wisconsin, the state that can have all four seasons in one day. I was lucky enough to drive this BMW a morning with a little icier road, which allowed me to feel how the car hugged the road with some amazing traction. I felt comfortable knowing the all wheel drive system kept the vehicle perfectly under control when coming across icier patches. Being it was a brisk and cold morning, I started the car and let the defrost clear the windows. In just a few minutes, I was able to get behind the wheel of the car and start on my way. I turned on the heated seats, which worked perfectly in just a few short minutes, heating up the comfortably fit leather seat. One thing that is a little different about the BMW line, is that these newer BMW's have gone to an electronic shifter which is a little intimidating at first. But after driving it for the night it was like second nature when heading back to work. I reached over with my right hand to where the controls were for the multimedia and quickly and easily tuned in 96.3 for the ride to work. The controls are nicely located right below the shifter making it easy to see and navigate while driving down the road. The big screen in the top center of the dash makes it easy for even my old eyes to read perfectly the radio stations, the information screen, or the bright colored NAV map that's equipped with this luxurious 5 Series.

BMW has not let us down when it comes to performance either. Weather it's from a stop, switching lanes, or merging from the on ramp onto the highway the 2.0L turbo motor gives a great performance and acceleration. All-in-all I am still to this day impressed by the style, performance, features, handlining, and over ride of the BMW line. After driving this 5 series, due to cabin room alone, it has moved up to one of my favorites in the line up. More room than that of the 3 series but yet not too big of a car like I feel the 7 series is for my needs.

If you're in the market for a great AWD sedan, stop in and check out this gorgeous car which is currently at our Olive Motors Sun Prairie location.