Tips for First -Time Drivers

Learning how to drive and buying your first car are sometimes your first big choices in life!  Maybe you're turning 16 and going for your license, or maybe you need a car for school? Maybe you moved on your own, and need a car for your NEW job!

Whether you are young or old, your first time on the road can be a new adventure. If your not inheriting the family's second car,  and need to buy a car yourself, this adds another level of stress.
That’s why we’re sharing some of the best tips for first-time car buyers. While everyone dreams of driving a Mustang Shelby GT500 or Dodge Challenger Demon, we all know it’s not the best first car. Regardless, a first car is your ticket to freedom and responsibility.

The best advice we can give for purchasing your first car:

1. Research the best vehicle for your needs :
Car-buying research includes searching for the make and model of safe and reliable cars and making sure there aren’t any major consumer complaints, recalls, or safety-related defects. Just because you like the look doesn’t mean it’s a good first-time car. It’s important that you buy with knowledge and not impulse when purchasing your first car. 
Just because there is a new pickup truck on the market doesn’t mean it’s the best car for your day-to-day needs. If you don’t have a family, an SUV or minivan may not be the best choice either. Research the costs of fuel, maintenance, and repairs.

2. Establish a budget :
Be realistic with your car budget. If you have to pay for the car yourself, this is an important time to demonstrate responsibility and potentially save hundreds (if not thousands) at the dealership. While the best option is to pay for the entire vehicle in cash, sometimes that’s just not possible. Most car buyers need some sort of financing. Make sure to save enough money to put up to 20% down and at least tax, title, license, and fees so you are only financing the vehicle and not putting yourself in what's known as an upside-down position.

3. Don’t buy a used car from a private seller :
Unless you have a family or friend of the family, who you know and trust who has a vehicle that fits your needs, stay away from private sellers.  Buying a private party is a buyer beware AS-IS purchase.   there is no recourse in the state of Wisconsin if you buy a car from a private party with issues. Buying from Oliver Motors is a lot easier and protects you more.  The state of Wisconsin has guidelines EVERY dealer must follow and failure could result in getting your money back if the vehicle was sold misrepresented.

4. Get an AutoCheck report:  
Never purchase a vehicle without first viewing an Autocheck report. If you know the VIN number, you can look up its vehicle history AutoCheck report. However, if you buy a vehicle from Oliver Motors, we will most likely have an Auto Check report available for free (Classic Vehicle may not)
This report provides essential information on the vehicle’s past life, including accident reports, emissions results, service records, title information, and history of previous owners.

5. Locate a respectable dealer: 
When looking for a responsible and reliable first car, such as a Toyota, Chevrolet, or Ford, make sure you do your research into the dealership first.
Learn what separates the dealership from the rest:

Do they display the Wisconsin Disclosure Buyers guide in the car?  Are their vehicles clean and marketed properly? Are the salespeople friendly and genuine? Will, they let you take the vehicle to your own mechanic to look over? Are the salespeople pushy or do you feel comfortable? This is the second, possibly the largest investment of your life,  make sure you are happy and comfortable with it. 

Oliver Motors does everything in our power to make the car buying experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

6. Inspect the car yourself or take to a 3rd party shop:
It’s never been easier to know what to look for when inspecting your potential new vehicle. In addition to a visual inspection of the inside and outside of the vehicle, you’ll want to take it for a test drive. The Stat of Wisconsin Disclosure Buyers guide informs you of what is necessary to focus on. if you still feel uncomfortable never hesitate to take to a 3rd party shop to look over.

7. Secure financing (if necessary) and look at extra protection like GAP and Extended Service Plans:
When financing your new vehicle, try to put at least 20% percent down plus tax, title, and license. This helps to keep you in better equity in the vehicle and helps with payment and term options. For instance, if the car gets stolen or totaled, you could end up owing more money than the car is worth.
Before you approach a bank or credit union for a loan, check with us, we most likely often better financing options with our preferred lenders.  Oliver Motors goes to the lenders 3-4 times a day where you go 1 time every 3-4 years.  Oliver Motors has stronger buying power with their perferred lenders.   And since all the payments and purchases come from one place, it makes things a lot simpler.
Ask Oliver Motors for extra protection on your new vehicles, such as GAP coverage and Service Plans which can be added to the loan for minimal investments.  

If you have bad or no credit, don’t worry. Oliver Motors may be able to help get a co-signer so you can piggyback off their good credit.

Finally, enjoy this car-buying experience. Buying and owning your first car is a great experience, one that you hopefully remember fondly for the rest of your life.